Western style hotel and condominium rooms available to meet your lodging needs. By taking advantage of all your options you will be able to enjoy a resort life experience that is uniquely yours. Our rooms are impeccably clean and feature gentle, relaxing lighting characteristics and a wide range of useful functions. Our rooms are available for couples, groups or families as well.

% Number of rooms: Total of 69 rooms
1dTwin type rooms for 2 or 3 persons: 59 rooms
1dFamily type rooms for 4 to 6 persons: 10 rooms
% Restaurant1d% Shops1d% Large bathing area, Outdoor hot spring
% Appended facilities: Ski lockers/Rental shop/Fully equipped parking lot

Our hot springs are fed by hot spring water that has been enclosed within Fossa Magna for the incredibly long period of 25-million year that takes on a light brown tint when it makes contact with air. The incredible scenic view of the Alps seen through the windows heals not only one's body but one's heart as well.

% Spring origin/Hakuba Shio-no-michi hot spring
% Qualities of Salt-type hot springs/
1dSodium Chloride, Carbonated water
% Effective for/Nerve damage, Muscle fatigue,
1dChronic skin diseases, rejuvenation, etc